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December 2004

Teresa C.
bulletHas pneumonia.
bulletPlease pray for her complete healing!!! (Nellie C. 091204)
bulletWe say she is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner
Little Girl in Auto Accident(See August 8th Posting)

Prayer works! Why? Prayer works because Jesus Christ said it would!!! There is power in the name of Jesus!

The power of Christ sheds light into the darkest of situations! When you pray pray believing!

The Sojourner>>>

Little Girl in Auto Accident  Praise...Update!!!
bulletSome time ago I asked for prayer for a little girl who had lost her arm in a car accident.
bulletThey re-attached her arm and she had feeling in her hand and fingers almost immediately.
bulletUPDATE: The little girl is doing wonderfully and miraculously well.
bulletThank you for your prayers. It works.(Shirley H. 071204)

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Kenna's Friend
bulletA childhood friend of mine recently had a baby girl.   I learned from her mother that after the baby was born they had to life flight it to Vanderbilt.
bulletApparently the pulmonary valve of the heart did not properly form.  This poor baby has had two surgeries that i know of and the family said that the assessment was grim.  >>>
bulletWe say she is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner
bulletPray that God heals this blessed child and take away the pain and suffering it has been going through.  And pray for the sustainment of life and not death!!! (Kenna L. 061204)
bulletWe say she is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner
Kenna's Sister-in-law
bulletMy sister in law is having brain surgery Tuesday, December 7, 2004 to repair a growth on her pituitary gland that has been causing a lot of health problems.
bulletShe will be out of work for several weeks recoving from this surgery.
bulletPray for a quick recovery and a successful surgery!!! (Kenna L. 061204)
bulletWe say she is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner
Cheryl L.
bulletShe left work early, not feeling well, taken by husband to Dr. who gave an injection and preacribed rest at home for 5 days.
bulletPlease pray for her healing!!!    (Merv L. 011204)
bulletWe say she is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner
Hannah M.

Pray Hannah can get into the Computer Studies Class next year.


Thanks (Alan M. 011204)

Alan M.

Please pray that God would daily add music pupils to my Christian Music Academy that want to learn music in school hours.


This will mean I can spend more time with my children.


Thanks (Self 011204)


November 2004

David D.
bulletHe has been having a reoccurring infection in his right leg.
bulletThe doctors are telling him that if it can't be cleared up and he gets his weight down he could lose his leg.
bulletHe loves the Lord with all his heart and tells the good news about Christ everywhere he goes.
bulletPlease Pray for complete healing for this precious man of God!!!  (George S. 291104)
Sonia T.
bulletPlease, pray for health and direction in life. (Self 251104)
Ellen T.
bulletDoctors say she hav very serious cancer!
bulletPlease pray for complete healing!!!  (Merv L. 221104)
Tamyra's Father(Update)
bulletWell my father came out of surgery fine and they think they got all the cancer.
bulletEverything looks good at this point. He will have to spend
bulletThanksgiving at the hospital, but at least he will be ok.
bulletThank you all for your prayers!!!!!(Tamyra P. 181104)
Don S.    <<<<<< Urgent
bulletI have asked for prayer for a man who has had open heart surgery and many stints because of repeated blockages.
bulletWithout a miracle this man will die.
bulletHis wife is a co-worker. They are close and loving.
bulletPlease pray for a miracle. He continues to fail.
bulletThank you! (Shirley H. 191104)
bulletWe say he is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner
Helen B.     <<<<<< Urgent
bulletShe had a brain aneurysm at 2PM Wednesday, Nov. 17th.
bulletDoctors will attempt do surgery Friday the 19th to relieve pressure on her brain.
bulletPlease pray for her healing!!! (Renee B. 181104)
bulletWe say she is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner


Tamyra's Father & Family
bulletI just found out that my father has stomach cancer. They are working on a date for surgery.
bulletMy biggest prayer at this time is for his and my mother's salvation. This is our season for victory and my families salvation is one at the top of my list.
bulletI know God can heal the cancer.Please pray for my family!!! (Tamyra P. 101104)
Helen B.
bulletJust been diagnosed with cancer.
bulletPlease pray for her complete healing! (Renee B. 101104)
Ron G.
bulletBecame an "incomplete paraplegic" as a result of being hit by a drunk driver several years ago.
bulletHis legs are becoming weaker. He is to get an MRI this week.
bulletPlease pray for complete healing!!!  (Laurie G. 071104)
Friend of Joan H.
bulletI also want prayers for a friend with an unknown diagnosis.
bulletI'm praying the diagnosis can be discovered' and through God's grace she can be healed.
bulletI'M ASKING, BELIEVING AND CLAIMING IN THE NAME OF JESUS.And prayers for each and everyone. THANK YOU and God bless you all.    (Joan H. 071104)
Joan H.
bulletPlease pray for myself I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for 8 years.
bulletIt is progressing but I know the great physician can heal me.
bulletI'M ASKING, BELIEVING AND CLAIMING IN THE NAME OF JESUS.And prayers for each and everyone. THANK YOU and God bless you all.    (Self. 071104)
Mrs. John Edwards
bulletShe has been told she has breast cancer and the mode of treatment is being decided
bulletPlease pray for Mrs. Edwards to be healed in such a way as to give glory to Jesus Christ and let her be as fervent a witness to Jesus as she was fervent for her husbands election in the recent political campaign!!!    (The Sojourner 051104)


Depression is more than a problem of attitude. While, sometimes, it may be tied to a sad event and will pass with time this is not true of everyone.

Not all depression is event caused in fact an attack of depression can cause behaviors not within the normal pattern of the person having depression.

Many feel shame at anyone knowing they have depression. They often do not want anyone to know they take medication to control their depression.

Depressives who are on medication need their medication just as much as a diabetic needs medication. They need not be thought of as weak because they are unable to have a normal balance of brain chemicals any more than a diabetic should be thought of as weak because they cannot regulate a chemical from their pancreas.

Love these people and hold them dear. This is something they often cannot do for themselves.

(The Sojourner 011104)

Depressed Man
bulletPray for this gifted man!
bulletPlease pray for his healing!!!    (The Sojourner 011104)
bulletWe say he is healed in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ... The Sojourner


October 2004

Kenneth C. is HEALED !!! Praise the Lord !!!        Jessica is HEALED!!! Praise the Lord !!!

Karen S.
bulletPlease pray for this lovely and wonderful person who is facing a difficult challenge.
bulletShe is a fine Wife and Mother who loves the Lord.
bulletPray for complete healing. (The Sojourner. 291004)
Peggy M.
bulletDoctors are trying to diagnose her health problem but have been unsuccessful.
bulletPlease pray for her Doctors success and her total healing!!! (Don V. 291004)


bulletI was wondering if you would agree with me in prayer for my daughter Esther who is in alcohol recovery.  She is in need of healing in all areas of her life as she has struggled with this problem now for many years.  Sometimes she suffers from severe depression.
bulletEsther is very new in her Christian faith, was baptized a few months ago, and attends a Bible teaching church, AA,  and treatment.   She is feeling so weak right now that I believe it is difficult for her to effectively pray for herself. (Thomas D. 291004)
Brenda N
bulletRecently healed from lupus but now tests are saying may have MS or Parkinson Disease. More tests are being done.
bulletPlease pray for a clean bill of health    (Thresa P. 291004)
Anonymous Family #3
bulletPlease pray for a 9yr old boy. He had a very serious bicycle wreck. Had a skull fracture that tore the membrane surrounding the brain. He was losing spinal fluid from the left ear. The Pediatric Neurosurgeon did a spinal drain in his lumbar to take the pressure off the brain and to allow the tear to heal on its own. He had the drain and is home from the hospital. He is much better but still needs quiet and inactivity for several days.
bulletPray for the family to have strength during this time.    (Anonymous 291004)
Anonymous Family #2
bulletPlease pray that God will do a work in my daughter and son-in-law's hearts to bring about genuine repentance and reconciliation of their marriage. 
bulletPray that God will put a hedge of protection around both of them until this happens. 
bulletThank you so much for your prayers. (Robbie S. 201004)
Anonymous Family #1
bulletThis family shall remain anonymous.
bulletPlease pray that the power and sovereign presence of God will reach the wife and touch her heart to follow him and return to her husband restoring this family!!!  (The Sojourner 191004)
Nolwandle N.
bulletI'm really going through a rough period in my life and I'm finding the problems too much to handle.
bulletMy car is about to be repossessed because I need at least R6000 on it. I've got debts left, right, and centre. Other debts I've never even made but I'm on ITC.
bulletMy grandfather is dying of cancer. I just feel that the enemy is attacking me in all aspects of my life except my work (Praise God). >>>>
bullet<<< But I just feel emotionally drained and Ive been praying and trying to concentrate on God and not the problem.
bulletPlease pray with me and ask God to give me strength to handle whatever comes my way. I also pray that somehow my car will be paid for and I cancel all these debts in the mighty name of Jesus. (Self 151004)
Annette C.
bulletFacing major abdominal surgeries.
bulletPlease pray for healing!!!   (Self 031004)
Angus H.
ph01923j.jpg (32866 bytes)
bulletSoldier (23 yrs old) in Iraq.
bulletPlease pray for Paul and our people there!!! (June H. 011004)
Paul H.
bulletHis best friend died recently.
bulletPlease pray for the Comforter to bless him with peace. (June H. 011004)
Aaron H.
bulletSpinal surgery Tuesday Oct. 5th!
bulletPlease pray for healing!!!    (June H. 011004)


September 2004

Martyn (From  France)
bulletCould we pray for Martyn  (24 and does not speak french)who is in prison  in France, may the Lord help him to become Christian.  I am trying to get an English speaking priest to go and see him.
bulletPlease pray for him. Thank You!    (Marie-France G.  280904)
Faye G.
bulletFell and badly injured her leg (ankle).
bulletPlease pray for her swift healing!!!    (Mrs. Sojourner270904)

Kenneth C. is HEALED !!! Praise the Lord !!!

Kenneth C.

bulletFell and badly injured his back.
bulletPlease pray for complete healing by joining your faith with him as his healing is made manifest!!!    (The Sojourner 210904)
Jessica L. Jessica is HEALED!!! Praise the Lord !!!
bulletTeenage girl who has colon problems since childhood
bulletAlso has shingles.
bulletPlease pray for healing!!!   (Nellie C. 140904)
Katie O.
bulletElderly woman who suffers from osteoarthritis and memory lapse.
bulletPlease pray for healing, a strong body, and a strong mind.    (Nellie C. 140904)
bulletShe has an unusual disease of the eye similar to macular degeneration.
bulletPlease pray for healing and the other eye strengthened. (Nellie C. 140904)


August 2004

Jeanne (1)

I was wondering if you would join with me in prayer over the next two weeks or so for a quality tenant in the apartment above me.  The landlady, Jeanne, is very discouraged because of tenant problems over the past 12 months. 

bulletPlease pray for me and for her also.  Thank you.   (Thomas D. 270804)
Mike 1
bulletPlease pray for a 37 year old man named Mike.
bulletHe has severe diabetes and faces losing a leg.
bulletPlease pray this will not happen. Thank you. (Shirley H. 250804)
Bill B.
bulletHe is suffering with lukemia!
bulletPlease pray for Total Healing!!!  (Jeanie B.  Bill's wife & Pastor Jim Z.  230804)
Little Girl in Auto Accident   Urgent!!!
bulletPlease pray for a little girl who was in a car accident. She completely lost her arm. It was re-attached and the surgery seems to be miraculously successful.
bulletShe is already able to feel in her fingers.
bulletHer pelvis was broken and this is causing much additional pain.
bulletThank you for bringing about miracles by your prayers. It helps. Thank you. (Shirley H. 120804)
Daughter & Son-in-law
bulletPlease pray that God will do a work in my daughter and son-in-laws hearts to bring about repentance and reconciliation of their marriage.   Pray that God will put a hedge of protection around both of them until this happens.  I may have asked you for prayer before and your prayers are still needed.   Thank you so very much. (Robbie S. 120804)
Veta    Urgent!!!
bulletNeeds a kidney transplant NOW!!!
bulletPlease pray for a donor kidney!!! (Melanie B. & Jeramy 090804)
Tommy C.
bulletGoing Tuesday Auguat 10th to be tested for Lymphoma.
bulletPlease pray for a good report!!! (Renee B. 090804)
Sabrina 1 Urgent!!!
bulletA beautiful young mother of young children who has been fighting so many painful health problems for some time has just learned that she has final stage liver cancer. I told her we would be praying for her and that people everywhere would join with us to pray. I believe God intends to make her a living witness for him.
bulletI have been healed of many things that would not have been healed by man. I know God can and does heal cancer. I am believing he has a healing for her soon.
bulletPlease pray for her children who have been told by her that she has cancer. They are, as expected, devastated.
Thank You!!! (Shirley H. 030804)
Praise Report
bulletI asked for prayer for my brother who is suffering from an eye disease and several other things. He has been trying to get disability for a very long time. He has no income because he could no longer do his job. He is now legally blind in his left eye - both eyes are diseased. It looks like some things are finally starting to break through to bring him some help. It will still take some time to actually get any money once it is finally approved. Still, thank you for your prayers. (Shirley H. 030804)




July  2004

Lisa J.
bulletHigh blood pressure, nausia, back pain, and possible malignant area on scalp.
bulletPlease pray for healing and a good report.         (Nellie C. 300704)
Hosanna H.

Please pray for Hosanna H
., a 30 year old Christian worker who is a wonderful wife and mother of three young boys. Mrs. Haughton has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor INSIDE the spine. Six months ago she was told she had about six (6) months to live. The doctor in charge is a dedicated Christian.
bulletSurgery is NOT an option as it would cause paralysis. At times her body extremities go numb and she has much pain.
bulletThis coming Wednesday, July 21, she will have more specialized testing at a hospital which has new advanced MRI type of equipment.
bulletThanks for you compassion, care, and prayers! (Handley World Services Foundation 100704 )
Melissa 1
bulletPRAY FOR:
bulletMy Mom and my family
bulletI can find a job, car, and a place to stay
bulletThat people stop going through my purse and things things stop ending up missing
bulletI thank God for everything
bulletPray things go better for me
bulletAlso that Frank and I stop arguing and get along better
bulletMonica and I work things out and have better relationship here. (Self 200704)


bulletPlease pray for Laura to get pregnant. She has tried in Vitro Fertilization 3 times without success. I am asking for her to get pregnant. In Jesus name.   (Dave 130704)
Note (Below):

This may seem a strange request but our Lord is intrested in all that is ours by blood, adoption, or assignment. When we adopt a pet God cares for us and it.


bulletI am asking for prayer for my sister’s dog Peaches, She is acting wobbly and having a difficult time standing. Please pray with me for he precious little dog.

In Jesus Name

Thanks DAVE. (Dave 130704)

Christian Crawford
bulletPlease pray for Christian Crawford, a young man going to a new ministry assignment from the Lord. He was bitten TWICE in the last few days by FIRE ANTS in two different states while traveling from Florida to Texas, USA.


Thank you,

HWSF Staff
(Handley WORLD SERVICES Foundation 100704)
Heady, with Brain Cancer
bulletI am asking for prayer for my sister’s mother- in - Law - a beautful 76 year old German lady named Heady. She has come to the tough stages of brain cancer and is very very weak and tired. I am asking for a miracle from the Lord to restore here to perfect life and love.

In Jesus Name


DAVE   (Dave (?) 020704)

Dave (?)
bulletChallanges in an engagement.
bulletConfusion in the mind of his intended.
bulletAn interloper in their relationship with no regaed for the Lord way of life.
bulletPlease pray for the Lord's power and authority to prevail in this situation here!!!    (Self and The Sojourner 020706)



Danny (?)
bulletPlease pray for Danny, he suffers depression
bulletHe has just come out of a terrible marriage.
bulletHe is starting all over, financially, emotionally, and spiritually!
bulletPray the Lord will do a quick work in his life and set him free of the effects of the past. (Linda B. 010704)


June  2004

Families of terrorism victims
bulletPlease pray for the healing of the Berg, Johnson, and Kim families that tragically had a loved one taken from their family through terrorism. (Kenna L. 230604)
bulletPray for a peaceful hand over of government in Iraq on June 30, 2004. These issues have been heavy on my heart. 
bulletPray that when the time comes and Saddam is handed over to the Iraqi government that he is placed in the right hands.
bulletLet justice and God's grace shine on these people!!! (Kenna L. 230604)
Renee B.
bulletPray for health in her body.
bulletPray for the continued success of her business.
bulletPlease pray for her evangelistic efforts!!!    (The Sojourner 210604)
Pastor Jonathan
bulletStarting a new Church.
bulletPlease pray for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit for new believers to make up a new fellowship!!!
bulletPray for seasoned believers to be sent to help him!!! (The Sojourner 210604)
Pastor Mike
bulletHoly Spirit encouragement.
bulletPlease pray for Church growth!!! (The Sojourner 210604)
Katerine P.
bulletPray for health. (The Sojourner 210604)
Shirley G.
bulletNeeds healing from cancer.
bulletPlease pray for her healing to the glory of Jesus!!! (The Sojourner 210604)
Billy R.
bulletFamily needs prayer for our Lord's grace and peace! (The Sojourner 210604)
Barbara E.
bulletWe will place your prayer here.
bulletPlease pray for the people listed here!!!    (Melanie B. 210604)
bulletNeeds healing.
bulletPlease pray for his complete healing.  (Nellie C. 080604)
S. N.
bulletA matter of conflict.
bulletPlease pray for Godly resolution. (Nellie C. 080604)
Lou S.
bulletExperiencing macular degeneration in her eyes.
bulletPlease pray for her healing!!! (Nellie C. 020604)
Billy K.
bulletUnknown cause of physical problems is currently in hospital with fluid build up in lungs and skin being eaten away.
bulletPlease pray his complete healing to the glory of God!!! (The Sojourner & Gary J. 020604)
Anonymous Family
bulletThe entire family seems to be under tremendous attack with serious health issues.
bulletPlease pray for hope and against the spirit of suicide!!! (Shirley H.  310504)

For earlier prayers and testimonies of answered prayers please go the the archive pages.

May  2004

Kenna L.
bulletTraveling with family over the Holliday Weekend.
bulletPlease pray for traveling protection!    (Rita H. 270504)
Shanie McM.
bulletThe aftermath of car accident (17 yrs. old) is in a nursing home unable to talk.
bulletPlease pray healing to   the glory of God!!! (Gary J.  250504)
Amanda D.
bulletRenal failure-unknown cause she (12 yrs. old) is in the hospital.
bulletPlease pray for her healing and treatment!!! (Gary J. 250504)
Chad G.
bulletPrayer for his conversion to Jesus Christ.
bulletPlease pray for body specifically his liver to be whole. (Rachel B. 170504)
Request from overseas
bulletPlease pray for my nephew Daniel who is One and a half year old, just yesterday after I brought him home from a short walk, he became sick after some time. This morning after I left for work he became very sick and was rushed to the doctor, since the doctor had not come my sister was patiently waiting for the doctor to come, but during time he became very sick , he turned his eyes, his hands and legs twisted. We know that this is coming from the satanic kingdom, since I and my sister are ministering to a family who are under the power of the evil one ( their close relatives, family members, friends and neighbours ) are continupusly casting spells by visiting the people who are disciples of satan to detroy their marriages, family, property, health and to make them totally invalid.
One of the person is my friends wife Lourdes and her mother who themselves seem to be satanic disciples and are actively inolved in voodoo and withcraft, sorcery, blackmagic and even consulting the dead. They are also using religious objects to carry out their evil acts to cast spells, and all these things came to light when I and my sister were praying with my friends family. Lourdes and her mother have cast spells on various things and have given it to my friends family and had also given it to us which we have destroyed. She got married to my friend by casting a spell on him and by controlling his mind totally only to take revenge on his family since his younger sister had refused to get married to her ( Lourdes ) brother. Since I and my sister are constantly praying with my freinds family are praying to God for their total deliverance, she and her mother ( Elizabeth ) are casting spells on me and my family for our destruction, in fact my nephew became sick because of this. Lourdes and her mother ( Elizabeth ) want to prove to that they are innocent and are not involved in the occult, Lourdes has even consecrated her children to the devil aged 7 years old son and One and a half years old daughter. She wants to make God a liar! and prove to the people that are holy people, which is not true at all, they want to rpove that the evil power that they possess is greater than the power of the Holy Spirit.
bulletPlease pray that our God may mainfest his mighty power in their midst today and expose their evil works, even as they go for prayers to God's ministers and that they may be unable to use any part of their bodies to do the works of the devil, and that al demonic knowedge and intelligence may be destroyed completely.God bless you all, Jude (Jude 170504)
Kathy J.
bulletHer husband was killed in a automobile accident.
bulletPlease pray for this young widow and her three little boys, for God's peace to cover them!!!    (Alice A. 170504)
Don S.
bulletWe have prayed for him in the past regarding heart problems. He is back in the hospital. Doctors say he needs another bypass but are reluctant to operate.
bulletPlease pray for a miracle!!! (Shirley H.  130504)
Charles C.
bulletHe is in his 80's and was hit by a car a couple weeks ago. The Doctors found they had missed a fracture in a leg upon rereading the x-rays.
bulletPlease pray for his    speedy healing!  (The Sojourner  050504)
Alice A.
bulletGrieving of family over the death of a sister and  family member.
bulletPlease pray for the Comforter to comfort them in this season.    (Mrs. Sojourner 050504)
Prayer for:
bulletHeart problems.
bulletPlease pray for divine healing! (Edith K. 040504)
Prayer for:
bulletHeart By-pass surgery.
bulletPlease pray for complete recovery!    (Edith K. 040504)
Beverly B.
bulletPlease continue to pray for her recovery form pneumonia and strength to not smoke again.  (Mrs Sojourner )
Sojourner's Note:

Nearly unbearable working environment stories are often brought to my attention.

Please know that the situation brought to us here for prayer is deserving of much prayer and fasting as the company involved has a national and international impact in every culture it touches.

R. N.
bulletNearly unbearable working environment.
bulletPlease pray for deliverance from the situation and for repentance in the corporate culture!!!    (The Sojourner 010504)

April 2004

Prayer requests begin below this Praise Report.

Praise Report

John R


Mother and I went yesterday (Monday) to see the Cancer Doctor. He had good news! The tumor marker is EXTREMELY down! We went almost triple in shrinkage of the tumor, and it is going down at an extremely high rate. The Doctor decided to go only ONE more treatment, and recheck the marker for how things are progressing. It would seem that it is progressing better than hoped for, PRAISE GOD!

If all goes as planned at this point, mother will stop the chemo in four weeks, four weeks ahead of schedule.

I will keep you updated.

My new job is wonderful, and things are really looking wonderfully upward!

Just to let you know how God works, we thought that we were going to lose the home, and just about everything. I was not able to locate a job, and had pounded the pavement overwhelmingly. God not only brought this job to me, but I never ever filled out an application for the job until after I started to work. Nonetheless, God did it, and when we thought the home was about to be lost, God came through on that, too. We were blessed with just the right amount of money to get everything caught up!

How is that for a great and loving LIVING GOD!

I will keep you updated!

God bless you all, and thank you all for the prayers!


Sojourner's note:

In January of this year John was taught "Seed Planting."

He planted a seed (in faith). Now, it often takes about 65 to 90 days from seed time 'till harvest for most seeds. You see,  he sent me this testimony exactly three months (90 days) after our prayer for him and his Mother. Now, around 80 to 85 days after he planted his "Faith Seed." Harvest time has arrived to the point of testimony!

Concerning his Mother, the Holy Spirit revieled by a Word of Knowledge to me she would  recover about this same time! I passed along to him that she would be alright! Remember, We need to give Jesus the glory!

Yes! God is faithful to his word!

Lois B.
bulletShe is in the hospital. The are uncertain as to what is her main illness. She has diabetes & needs dialysis. Her whole body is hurting!
bulletPlease pray for complete healing!!! (Angela W. 280404)


Ann O.
bulletHas cancer through out her body.
bulletPlease pray for the Lord to touch her body aand heal her!!! (Carolyn E. 210404)
Darlena L.
bulletFell and broke her tail bone in two places.
bulletPlease pray for quick and complete healing to the glory of Jesus Christ!!!    (The Sojourner 200404)
Marilyn N.
bulletPray for encouragement from the Lord on his love for her.  (Pastor G. 200404)
New believers

We who have accepted Jesus the Christ as our Savior and Lord know that implementing the Lord part is sometimes a challenge as we have our minds renewed as we live in "The Word" daily and learn to die to self. Those who have been believers for less than a year or two need us to intercede for them and to disciple them especially through their growth and setbacks as the enemy tells them they are too worthless to serve Christ. We must restore with love these "little ones."    (The Sojourner)

Esther L.
bulletHas had some recent challenges in her young walk with the Lord.
bulletPlease pray for her recovery, which she has begun, and has just been baptised to the glory of Jesus Christ!!!(Tom D. 150404)




Hosanna H.
bulletHas been diagnosed with tumor inside spinal cord at neck area. She is a wonderful Christian worker, age 30, wife and mother of three young boys. Previously unable to operate because it would cause paralysis, and is in hospital NOW for observation and critical decision making.
bulletPlease pray for her healing!!! (Apostle Handley 120404)
Pastor Barket
bulletPray for Pastor Nathaniel Barket in Pakistan: pray for divine protection (has already escaped an attempt on his life by Muslims).
bulletPray for materials for new girls school he is building. They already have a Bible teaching institution. A very dangerous area.
bulletPlease pray for safety and needs.(Apostle Handley 120404)
Phyllis Y.

ph01923j.jpg (32866 bytes)

bulletShe asks for prayers for her son-in-law who is about to Iraq with the military. (Mrs. Sojourner 050404)





Phyllis Y.
bulletShe asks for prayers for her family.
bulletPlease pray for her two daughters both of which have brain tumors !!!
bulletStrength for Phyllis. (Mrs. Sojourner 050404)




March 2004


Gary Jerniganbd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)

bulletPlease pray for Gary. He is in the hospital. He has bacterial pneumonia.
bulletPray a hedge of protection about him.
bulletPray the spirit infirmity from him and a spirit health on him in Jesus name. (The Sojourner 40304)
   Prayer works and plus some! Thanks to all the family that prayed and who I hold responsible for interceding to a point that the anointing flowed generously for my 3 days in the hospital. I found favor with everyone from the cleanup ladies to nurses and doctors. Pleasent conversations, good food, great inspirational programs on the television were a blessing.    My time alone with my Holy Spirit was precious. Of course the pneumonia never had a chance. This was a faith based hospital. Middle Tennessee Medical Center.     I am blessed to say that the sickness, though a small inconvenience served a greater purpose and I thank God.

In Christ, Gary & Family

Jerry C.
bulletJerry is facing devistating accusations with sevier legal consequences.
bulletPlease pray:
bulletto bind the spirit of fear,
bulletcall on the Spirit of Truth to reveal the true facts
bulletthe Spirits of Peace & Joy to work in Jerry (Renee B. & The Sojourner 300304)
Jerry C. Updates:

We will post them here.


WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Maggie A.
bulletHaving biopsy today for cancer in right breast. 
bulletPlease pray that there is no cancer in her body    (Sonia T. 300304)
Ron M.
bulletHas unstable blood pressure with spikes to high levels.
bulletPlease pray for healing of Ron's entire coronary syatem! (Evelyn M. 240304)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Ray M.
bulletHas blockages in coronary arteries.
bulletPlease pray for healing of the entire coronary syatem! (Evelyn M. 240304)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Terry S.
bulletTerry is 50yrs. old he has been attacked by lung cancer and is in the advanced stages.
bulletPlease pray for healing!!! (Gary J. 180304)
June L.bd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)
bulletThis is The Sojourner's Aunt June. She has been in and out of the Hospital and the Nursing Home several times over the last year. Five Dr.'s have said she has either cancer or an abscess in her pelvic girdle and she is too weak for surgery. They say they can do nothing more for her. (The Sojourner 130304)
Update: June L.

Velcie June Lowers

Born: December 6, 1931

Went to be with our Lord the morning of:

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A Member in tremendous standing

Pine Grove Baptist Church

Aunt of The Sojourner

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Jimmy 1
bulletPlease pray that God will take away Jimmy's fear and replace it with courage and confidence.Thank you.  (Terri R.  080304)
Anonymous Pastor
bulletPray for wisdom and finances. (Gary J.  60304)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Sheila R.
bulletPray that God touches Sheila where she is and brings her out of suicidal depression to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  (Karen B. 070304)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Alice A.
bulletPray for healing of infections and shingles. (Mrs. Sojourner 060304)  
Austin J.
bulletPlease pray for Austin J. a young boy who is having ear surgery on the 5th of March. (The Sojourner 40304)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Gary Jerniganbd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)
bulletPlease pray for Gary. He is in the hospital. He has bacterial pneumonia.
bulletPray a hedge of protection about him.
bulletPray the spirit infirmity from him and a spirit health on him in Jesus name. (The Sojourner 40304)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

Michael G.bd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)
bulletPlease pray for Michael, who has been mercilessly attacked both spiritually and physically. (Shirley H. 040304)
John R.
bulletPlease pray for my brother Whit. He has filed for disability and been put off without reason for over 2 years.
bulletHe has multiple serious health problems with no insurance and no job.
bulletHe has an eye disease that prevents him from doing his job. He is desperate and needs help.
bulletHe may lose his home soon and has no place to go. He needs the disability soon.
bulletGod is faithful and will come through. Please pray it will happen immediately.
Thank you,
(Shirley H. 030304)
WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) A family in turmoil
bulletPlease pray for this family. They are being attacked on nearly every front.
bulletPray a hedge of protection around their home.
bulletPray for wisdom and patience on the Father.
bulletPray the same on the Mother.
bulletPray grace and peace upon the whole household. (The Sojourner 290204)

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes)

A Grandaughter
bulletPlease pray for my Grandaughter, she tried to kill herself last night. (Lerry A. 280204)



Grandaughter is back home ... PRAISE THE LORD.

Please continue to pray

(Lerry A. 070304)

John R.

John's prayer requests have been with us for nearly two months. Here you will see our Lord's faithfulness to answer prayer!

(John is being mentored by The Sojourner using e-mail, phone, and attendence from time to time at the Manchester Alpha House Pod. He has been practicing the teaching of "Seed Planting and Harvest" and the following is a testimony from him. He has been looking for employment. He has recently led his sister to Christ. He is also standing with his mother and us for her healing from cancer.)


John R.

I have praise reports!

I started to head out to Ohio (to take a job I had applied for), feeling that although I needed to work (a job), I didn't feel right about that (leaving home for that job). I was willing to simply just go ahead and work. Anyway, God brought a job to me, I didn't apply for it, I didn't ask for it, it was brought to me.

My sister is doing great. I have sown into her with a Bible, and prayers that avail much book for mothers. I purchased them with what little I had. The next day, I have the job!

Mother is doing everything she can staying with the plan, but it is now taking a toll on her body, and you can see it. Still keep her in your prayers.

I do not know how we are going to get caught up, but I do know that I am not to worry, and simply believe! I am thankful for the strength in faith, thank you Lord Jesus!

(Italics added for clarity) (The Sojourner 260204)

Keran S.
bulletThis is a family I have known for quite some number of years. While not an emergency, They need a new direction in their life over the next few months. Keran asks for:
bulletHealth for Husband & youngest Daughter
bulletIncome(The Sojourner 210204)

February 2004

June L.bd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)
bulletThis is The Sojourner's Aunt June. She has been in and out of the Hoapital and the Nursing Home several times over the last year. She receives blood transfusions every 2 weeks and dysalisis 3 times per week. 5 Dr.'s have said she has either cancer or an abcess in her pelvic girdle and she is too weak for sergury. They say they can do nothing more for her.Pray for:
bulletCreative work of God.
bulletJoy of the Lord
bulletBind fear from her
bulletand healing to the glory of God and whitness to family. (The Sojourner 220204)

June L. is seeking God in a way she never has she is young in Christ.

She is claiming who she is in Jesus the Christ.

Stand with her...bind fear & infirmaty. Pray joy on her.

The Sojourner (030304)

"By this they will know you, that you have love one for another."

Jesus Christ


!Anonymous 104!

bulletThis is a wonderful person who will in a matter of days be without both a home and a job!
bulletPray for:
bulletPlace to live (Mrs. Sojourner 170204)
Woodrow H.  
bulletPlease pray for my Grandfather. He is in his 90's . He fell and hurt his hip. He has fallen on his hip before. He has been in pain.
bulletPlease pray God's healing hand touches him. (Kenna L. 190204)

Woodrow H. is now in the hospital for tests.

Please continue to pray

(Kenna L. 190204)

Kenna L.
bulletI would like you to pray for me. I am working to make my health better(exercise, eating, etc.)and only by the grace of the Almighty Father can I achieve it. He is my strength when I need it most.
bulletThank you for your prayers they mean a lot. Love in Christ, Kenna (Kenna L. 190204)
(Updated) Robbin G.
bulletShe was misdiagnosed previously and has now been diagnosed as having clerosis of the liver.  The doctors say there is no cure for her condition.  She has good days and bad days, today was a particularly bad day.
bulletPray for her complete healing and for healing for numerous health problems with other family members.

(Mrs. Sojourner 170204)

Rosie N. (P#139 Employment)


Rosie works in a company with what has become an ungodly corporate culture (bordering on the demonic).


Pray that our Lord will show Rosie his will for developing new income streams. (The Sojourner   290104)

Rick K. bd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)


Accidently shot in the foot, while target practicing, is undergoing surgery this evening for repair of bones. (Nellie C. 250104)

Update: Rick has fully recovered. (The Sojourner 240304)
Hannah and her Mother
bulletPlease pray for my best friends husband (Brad H.) and her brother (David C.) they recently left to fulfill their year of duty in Iraq. 
bulletPlease pray that Hannah and her Mother find peace in this difficult time and that their boys return home safe and sound.(Kenna L. 220104)
Brad H.

ph01923j.jpg (32866 bytes)

bulletPlease pray for my best friends Husband.
bulletRecently left to fulfill his year of duty in Iraq.
bulletPray Psalm 91    (Kenna L. 220104)
David C.

ph01923j.jpg (32866 bytes)

bulletPlease pray for my best friends Brother.
bulletRecently left to fulfill his year of duty in Iraq.
bulletPray Psalm 91 (Kenna L. 220104)

John's Mother


The cancer is at the third stage level. This type of cancer is simillar to the previous, but different. That is all I can tell you about that. She has to do the test tomorrow, and then a small surgery on Friday for the port-o-cath to be put in. Treatments will start Monday if the test tomorrow comes back that her heart wall is strong enough to handle it. (John R. 200104)

Please be in prayer for her, and the family. (John R. 150104)(P51)

Update Re: John's Mother

I am praising GOD! The surgery went as expected, no complications.

The treatments will be starting Monday, the two drugs have an 80% success rate for this cancer. I thank GOD that He has blessed the Doctors with the knowledge to combat such an evil killer! Now she will take the treatments, but at least her heart is strong enough-- she can! (John R. 240104)



wpe6C.jpg (7551 bytes)


Forrest Mill Baptist Church
Word has reached us through one of their Saints that these people are in need of prayer support. While we are not of their denomination we are all a part of the Body of Christ. When one part of a body suffers the whole body is in pain and suffers!

The Sojourner


Many members of this Church are being attacked with infirmity as the Church is faithful and growing!

Pray against this Spirit of Infirmity and stand with these Brothers and Sisters for victory in standing for and building the Kingdom of God! (Mrs. Sojourner 261103-220104)(P51)

We often use this book with prayers to help cover "all the bases" especially in teaching people about a prayer life ...

Special Commemorative Gift Edition "Prayers... that avail much"

This book is a great resource covering many prayer topics, using Scripture, to learn to pray effectively. The (P#'s) are the prayers we recommend for a particular topic.

Prayers... that avail much;

Word Ministries, Inc. Published by Harrison House Inc.; Tulsa, OK 74153

Pastor Farney & Wife

Update Please!


Please Pray for Pastor Roger Farney and his wife Cindy who were in a terrible car crash a few days ago.


She is critical in ICU with liver damage and broken pelvis and internal bleeding, he is doing some better and able to be out of ICU into a regular room.


They are the pastoring couple of the Christ Chapel Wesleyan Methodist in Silver Creek,NY and they are currently in the Erie County Med Cntr in Buffalo,NY. They are great people and workers for the Lord, so please pray.Thanks so much. Karen (Karen S. 141103)


Update: Pastor Farney & Wife - The pastor of the Wesleyan Church in Silver Creek ,NY and his wife are both improving from their wreck.He of course came home early as his injury was a dislocated shoulder and which healed nicely, she was in ICU for months with coma, then wakened with complete paralysis to her side and bad damage to the liver.She began to get feeling back in the arm and leg and now can move and has been transferred to her home hospital in Irwin,NY which is just a few miles from home. NOW the pastor has begun to have heart trouble which he was plagued  with in childhood and which is serious, but has come back with a vengence (sounds like the devil to me!!) So keep them both in prayer still, Roger and Cindy Farney,60 Buffalo St,Silver Crk NY.He has had to go in for some type of heart procedure last wk can't remember what exactly.They might do with some cards of encouragement if any of your readers feel led to card ministry.Thanks!! (Karen S. 020204)







"By this they will know you, that you have love one for another."

Jesus Christ



Wanda has previously been treated for cancer of the breast. Doctors have found something but believe it is scarring. She will go in for a total body scan on Friday, 11/14/03.


Please pray she will be fine.(Shirley H. 141103)

Update: Wanda's scan showed the place to be a broken rib froma fall from her kitchen counter a few weeks earlier.She visited her oncologist  this week and received a clean bill of health.(Shirley H. 220104)


Gary Issiahbd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)


Pray for healing of this little baby who has a temperature and it is not known why. (The Sojourner & G Jernigan 011604)



Russell M.


Has had great difficulty recovering from a heart attack of several years ago. Has a hernia in the the thoracic area due to complications form surgery.


Pray for the hand of God to touch his heart in the mighty name Jesus and heal him. This to his relief and the glory of God.


Pray for the healing of the hernia as well. (The Sojourner 071103-220104)

Rick K. bd06273_.wmf (1744 bytes)


Anxiety attacks, going for tests, sweaty--chest hurts---hearts racing. (Nellie C. 221003)

bulletPlease continue your fervent prayers for Rick. He needs your prayers!
bulletHis loved ones need your prayers! They are all working together in the Spirit to stand with him.
bulletMost people have had times such as this.
bulletPray for peace, wisdom, undersstanding, honor and favor, joy, and freedom from fear. (The Sojourner 141103-220104)


Larry W.  


My friend Larry W who lives in Anderson Indiana has contracted Hepatitis C from previous surgeries.  He in going to Indiana University Medical Center for pre-Liver transplant evaluation. 


Please keep him in your prayers, and for a complete recorvery. Thanks Renee B (Renee B. 131103)

Update: Larry W, has been excepted. And has been placed on the Liver Transplant list.  Just waiting for the Lord to supply him with a Liver. (Renee B. 220104)

Update: Larry W, has has now moved up to place #5 on the Liver transplant list. Thanks (Renee B. 10304)

Lisa 1.


Pray for healing in her back. (Nellie C. 181003)(The Sojourner 220104)

Anonymous Family 1


Divided family in process of a divorce.


Pray for salvation of Father & Mother.


Pray for deliverance of them as well.


Pray hedge of protection perimeter around the children and parents. (The Sojourner 311003- 220104)

Step-Father & Step Daughter


I would like to pray for my friend and her step-father. They are very sick. My friend told me one day at school that her doctor said if she got very sick she might have to stay at the hospital for a while. Will you pray for her and her step-father. I will appricteat it. (Emily G. 241203-22004)

Donna M.


Pray for sweet peace and the spirit of joy to continue in her. She is a blessing to know! (The Sojourner 071103-220104)

Erick H.


Pray for family salvation and spiritual growth. (Shirley 100104-220104)


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