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(Saturday Night 7:30 PM CST / 01:30 UTC)

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Cell Meeting.jpg (3776 bytes)See updated wonderful testimonies below!!!

Sojourner's Fellowships® are places for those called by God's Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord to share the Gospel and their calling with other called people.

I have been blessed to be a part of the Sojourner's Fellowships in many ways. Not only have I received healing after prayer within the group, I have seen miracles for my family and friends.  The anointing continues to strengthen weekly and I always expect our requests to be heard and answered. I just expect it!

Still, one of the the greatest blessings to me may be the fellowship between the members.  We have love love one for another and stay close during the week. We have become a close knit "family."  The friendship we have has enriched my life tremendously

Shirley H.     

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Sojourner's has been a blessing to me, not only in just my closer relationship with Jesus, but by all the wonderful people I have met and the "family" I have found.  Jesus has been so good to me and faithful.  I have had blessing after blessing, from finances to healing.  Many, many answered prayers.  God is good.

Rita H.     

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5:03 AM  

Dear Jesus,

I cannot express to You how wonderful You are. You have been so faithful in all parts of my life. Blessings after Blessings have found me.

Thank you Jesus for all the blessings in my life and also for the valleys, even though they are difficult they are where I grow. Thank You Jesus for health, a job, running water, eyes that see, legs that walk, thank you Jesus for a beautiful Child inside and out. I knew you had always sent this child and have always been grateful. She is a blessing to me.

Thank you Jesus for a darling Granddaughter who You told us about four years before she was born. She makes my heart soar.

Thank you Jesus for wonderful friends and my Sojourner family. They are all there for me when I need them and I know they love me as I love them.

Thank you for your daily guidance and reassurance. Thank you for loving me even though I always fail you. I am weak but you are strong. How people can go through one day without You by their side is a mystery to me. I love you Jesus and cannot Thank You enough for the wonderful way you care for me.

You are great and Mighty Father who loves His children unconditionally. Gave your life, suffered and died. and still you keep giving to us. I am so overwhelm by your love and sacrifice. You are precious and worthy of praise. I praise you Lord and thank you so much for being Lord of my life.

I love you Jesus.   

Love your child,


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Hello all my fellow Sojourners!

Praise to our Lord God and bless his mighty name.

The Lord has just healed me of a blockage in my heart and I have a new lease on life. Who but our Almighty God can take someone who has abused their body, clean it up and give them a wake-up call and new lease on life? NO ONE BUT JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like God is saying, "Ok, my Daughter, I have watched you abuse the very temple I created for you and now I have healed it, if you hang in there and try to do good things, eat right, exercise, and get  plenty of rest. I can meet you more than half way and restore to you the health and promises I have made to you. Trust me to take care of you and heal you but you must step out in faith and meet me."

Praise God and thank you Jesus. I Have another chance at health and life that he has for me.

Sojourners, please know when it looks dark and bleak Jesus is there holding your hand and his light is always brighter than the darkness.

God bless you all and all that is yours by blood, adoption, or assignment,


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Manchester, TN

New Years, what a wonderful time to reflect over the last year, and this year I did just that. I had great plans to spend time with friends and family, watching movies and eating chili, then to spend some time praying and reflecting. God had other plans.

Now I am not saying that God made me sick but He took that illness and made something good of it. I spent New Year's Eve alone, so I thought, and watched the movie on TBN Armageddon, the story of the Apostle John while he was in prison and how the Lord was with him every step of the way, I saw how Jesus used others for his purpose, even the ones against the Christians.

This made me think a lot about all the wonderful things the Lord has done for me in this last year. Not to mention in my whole life. He has been so good and faithful and like the situation with John, there sometimes seemed to be no way around it. God has blessed me so much this year, with a new used car that is paid for, carpet for my dinning room that was bought and put down by my loan officer who I had only met twice, and a new computer bought by an obedient servant of God who listened when He told them to provide. I have received free medical care, free medications, free food, and the blessing keep coming it would take too long to tell you how truly wonderful, loving and compassionate our God is.

I for one know that I am loved and cared for by the most High God. I am most thankful for God using an illness for good to show me his wonder and love. Not only has he done things for me but in me and through me.

May you have a wonderful New Year and use this year to deepen your walk with Jesus. God Bless,

A Sojourner in Manchester























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Rita's 2nd Grandchild (a boy)


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The Lord Blesses Rita with First Grandchild



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The baby has been growing into quite a young lady!  There is a little brother on the way!
Overcoming difficulties in birth that could have been life threatening to both mother and child Rita, her daughter, and her son-in-law are blessed! Rita is a member of Sojourner's Fellowship, Alpha House, Manchester. (092002 & 092003)

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