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Reaching Out To The Floundering




God's Vision Shared

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Working Together to bring in God's Kingdom

Pocket Full Of Quarters Lady

Cheryle Touchton is a Christian missionary, speaker, writer and the Director of Pocket Full Of Change Ministries.

Audio of Cheryle

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Cheryle's Travel Tips

Cheryle has been given substantially the same vision from God to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the floundering as The Sojourner.  When The Sojourner heard of Cheryle's mission he immediately contacted her and ask her to visit him at the Sojourner's World Hub.  Cheryle almost instantly knew that was what she must do.   She rearranged her schedule and spent three days at "The Hub." 

"We were immediately bonded with her. said The Sojourner.  "Cheryle is the real deal.  She is so very genuine and loves the Lord and His using her to reach people with the Gospel message.  We are Kingdom builders and so is she!"  The Sojourner went on to say, "So many people want to build their own little kingdoms but both Cheryle and we are interested in only our Lord's Kingdom."

She visits and speaks in Christian churches of all sizes, denominations, races, and cultures and would be deeply honored to speak to your church or organization about the adventures of the Pocket Full Of Quarters  journeys.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling across America?  Rest assured, it’s more work than it sounds like.  God has called her to travel America as a missionary, listening, encouraging, teaching, and evangelizing.  You may have seen her “home away from home”, "Halleluiah," the Pocket Full of Quarters van, tooling down the road or met her dog Belle, her traveling companion and ministry partner.  Perchance you have talked with her, received one of her cards containing a quarter, or helped her setup camp.  Cheryle  gets up every morning to pray, meditate, study the Bible, and ask God for knowledge of His will for her and the power to carry that out. 



CTouchton_MH_1.jpg (51205 bytes)

Cheryle shows Pastor Jim her RoadTrek* motor home.

Plans to Reach the Floundering

By The Sojourner

(World Hub) Soon--within the next couple of years--we will be having individuals and couples (mostly couples) traveling in North and Central America in small Class B Motor Homes as the Lord leads. They will be encountering the floundering with the hope of Christ. They will be in a sense “migrant workers” harvesting in the Lord’s fields. The local Sojourner’s Fellowships will function as “Way Stations” to assist with outreach and times of rest. These “Circuit Riders” will for the most part not live in the Motor Homes but will stay in a network of motels. They may establish additional Sojourner’s Fellowships as they travel, where needed. The Motor Home we have chosen is the Roadtrek®* as it will be welcome in both the metropolitan and the rural environments.

We utilize the web site as a “Cyber Hub” connecting each location and Sojourner together with news from within the group as well as general Christian News on our “News Page.” We are in contact with people in a number of countries in Christian efforts that are agreeing to provide us with a perspective you won’t find via the normal news venues.   The web site will also have available audio of the teachings, video of the teachings, and live video feeds, enabling all Sojourner’s Fellowships, Sojourners, and interested people to take part in services together. Our Honolulu, Hawaii Fellowship currently takes part in our Saturday night services by live Skype hook-up!

I hope this fills you in, if not, ask and I will answer your questions.

The blessings of the Lord on you and all that is yours by blood, adoption, or assignment,

The Sojourner

The Sojourner








*  Roadtrek® is a registered trademark of Hanmar Motor Corporation (Canada)

You can use your own motorhome or we can work with you to have a motorhome that will help answer "the call" on your life to reach out and bring in the last day's harvest.

Please pray with us so we may have the Roadtrek Motor Homes mentioned here to reach the floundering...click "Roadtrek" below.



Roadtrek Motorhome Interior Image

This is a vehicle that will allow Circuit Rider Sojourners (Sojourner Missionaries) to reach people for Christ's Kingdom.

They will be able to use it as a mobile office, outreach center, and training center to the glory of God.

*  Roadtrek® is a registered trademark of Hanmar Motor Corporation (Canada)

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2007 Roadtrek 190 Popular



For Information on becoming a "Circuit Rider" Contact:

Sojourner's World Hub

Tel: 800-391-6944

Internet: The Sojourner 

Last modified: May 18, 2012 

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Financial Support

Please note, all offerings go to the support of  Sojourner's Fellowship Church, The Sojourner and The Sojourner's Ministries unless other wise designated. Contact us for information on how to participate with us.



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