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bulletBlackwood, NJ - (John S.) - The prophetic annointing which has been felt in so many places was in powerful evidence during a recent Sunday morning in Blackwood...MORE


bulletManchester, TN - (Rita H.) - Sojourner's has been a blessing to me, not only in just my closer relationship with Jesus, but by all the.... MORE


bulletManchester, TN - (Shirley H.) - I have been blessed to be a part of the Sojourner's Fellowships in many ways. Not only have I received healing after prayer within the group... MORE


bulletManchester, TN -January - New Years, what a wonderful time to reflect over the last year, and this year I did just that. I had great plans to spend time with friends and family, watching movies and eating chili, then to spend some time praying and reflecting. God had other plans.... MORE


bulletTullahoma, TN - (Lisa J.) - I felt real hesitant in the beginning to let The Sojourner and Mrs. Sojourner come into my home.  My mother had asked me so many times that I finally gave in!  To my amazement they were and still are what I have been searching for so I could learn and understand the words of the Bible and what God and Jesus really mean!  Boy, if I knew then what I know now, they would have... MORE


bulletTullahoma, TN - (Nellie C.) - Being a part of Sojourner's Fellowships has not only been a blessing to me personally but has been a great encouragement to many others in family.

A little over a year ago, when our family was facing a great trial... MORE


The Word of our…


Below you will find the testimony of Chad a member of Sojourner’s Fellowship in Manchester, TN. Chad is reaping what he has sown in Tithe, First Fruits, and Giving! All of these take Faith!

The Sojourner



Dear Sojourner,

I just wanted to send you a note to share with you what Faith has done for me and my family.

I feel like my Faith in God has brought me to this point and I can't wait to see what his will holds in store for us now!



163164.jpeg (2746 bytes)    "Our Lord’s Blessing" By Chad

A businessman I know had a late model service truck with low mileage on it and he said he would sell it to me for $4,000. I actually watched him write the check to GMAC financing for $6,500 to pay it off and get the title. I agreed to buy it from him if he would let me make payments to him. He said to take it and drive it and when my work picked up I could give him the money as I got it. A couple months go by and I'm driving his truck (on his Insurance) working for a company he put me in touch with. This company owed me over $1800 for my labor and hadn't paid me. By now I'm starting to worry about making this transaction with this man. I got into some serious prayer one night and asked God to open the door if this truck was to be. The NEXT day this man calls and tells me he wants to close the deal on the truck. I told him I hadn't been paid yet. (I'm trying to be gracious and give him his truck back because I didn't have the money) He calls me again and lowers the price to $2,500. I finally told him the company I had been working for hadn't paid me and they indicated they were in a financial bind themselves. He asked me if I could give him a thousand dollars for the truck on Friday. I told him I would if I had to sell some of my things to do it. Guess what? Thursday I received payment in full from that company and had the money to pay for the truck with enough left to pay for the tags and insurance for a full year almost to the penny!!!

October 2002


Friends  of  The Sojourner :

bulletTestimony of a person ministered to by The Sojourner

Thank you for helping restore my peace and joy.  I thought I was a pretty tough old bird but I really let myself get blindsided with this one.  Your insight was so calm and exact.  New Vision has been so blessed to have you and Mrs. Sojourner.  And GOD sent you at the time, when you were needed most.  I will start my communion again tonight. And know in my heart that I will be healed. IN GOD'S TIME AND NOT PAT'S!

Pat 080505

bulletJohn R.

(John is being mentored by The Sojourner using e-mail, phone, and attendance from time to time at the Manchester Alpha House Pod. He has been practicing the teaching of "Seed Planting and Harvest" and the following is a testimony from him. He has been looking for employment. He has recently led his sister to Christ. He is also standing with his mother and us for her healing from cancer.)

I have praise reports!

I started to head out to Ohio (to take a job I had applied for), feeling that although I needed to work (a job), I didn't feel right about that (leaving home for that job). I was willing to simply just go ahead and work. Anyway, God brought a job to me, I didn't apply for it, I didn't ask for it, it was brought to me.

My sister is doing great. I have sown into her with a Bible, and prayers that avail much book for mothers. I purchased them with what little I had. The next day, I have the job!

Mother is doing everything she can staying with the plan, but it is now taking a toll on her body, and you can see it. Still keep her in your prayers.

I do not know how we are going to get caught up, but I do know that I am not to worry, and simply believe! I am thankful for the strength in faith, thank you Lord Jesus!

(Italics added for clarity) (The Sojourner )

bulletMike and Julie’s Testimony on Tithing

(Mike and Julie are members of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. John Hagee is their Pastor. They are friends of The Sojourner and Sojourner’s Fellowship in Tullahoma, TN through Julie’s Mother Nellie.)

Not long after Mike and I began tithing, we got back money that was on our house and our house payment went down. We tithe so much per week and we don’t miss it in our checkbook. We also know that the money we tithe is God’s to begin with and that he will always provide for us.

The Lord has blessed us financially, both personally and in our business. We are in the best financial shape of our lives and it’s all because of him!

It may not always be monetary, but in our health and our lives also. The more we give the more we receive.

The best testimony we can give is that earlier this year, Mike’s brother, David, was battling cancer for the second time in two years. David and his wife, Diana, didn't have life insurance. Diana had just bought a policy and it was only in effect three months before David went to be with the Lord. The family didn't think it would pay, so Mike and I promised David that we would make sure that he got a proper burial. When that day came, we had to put it on our credit card. Everyone was worried, but Mike and I knew that God would take care of it and he did. On the day we got the credit card bill, the insurance paid, to the families surprise. Mike and I know that it was only because of God that things worked out and were able to fulfill our promise to David, also David’s wife, Diana, was taken care of.

Mike and I hope that our testimony will help those who read this to begin tithing and experience God’s wonderful blessings as we have, and we thank the Lord for them every day.

God bless you all,

Mike and Julie

San Antonio, Texas


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