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        From the desk of: Mrs. Sojourner

Dear Sojourners & Friends,


"Gifts in My Kitchen"
(a few thoughts of gratitude by Mrs. Sojourner)

My kitchen
Which I stand in
Is full of
gifts from above
As through the cupboards I go
One thing I now clearly know.
Microwave, blender, homemade shelves, plates and pans
Tea service, griddle, toaster oven, bowls, and more pans,
Cups, glasses, measuring cups and spoons,
Steak knives, pizza cutter, flatware of silver and gold too.
The more I searched my little kitchen,
The more I realized the gifts God had brought in.
The only items I bought for the kitchen myself,
Were a water pitcher and the set of four glasses on the shelf.
My heavenly Father cares about the number of hairs on my head
So much that he led
My husband and numerous friends
To, through several years, give me not odds and ends,
but precious gifts and tools of blessing,
That I can use to return the blessing,
With tasty culinary jewels of nutrition
Show God, my husband and many others my appreciation.

The blessings of our Lord on you and all that is yours by blood, adoption, or assignment,

                                  Mrs. Sojourner


mail to: Mrs. Sojourner



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Making a home is a blessed opportunity.






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