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Pod Facilitators

There are, from time to time, inquires as to how people can be a part of establishing Sojourner's Fellowship gatherings.  Below you will find answers to some questions you may have and, perhaps, come up with a few more we haven't had or thought of.  Let us know if you have any questions or interest.

Would you like to explore being a "Facilitator?" Send Email Here

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If you are exploring being a person who facilitates Sojourner's Fellowship "Pod Gatherings." All that is needed for you to function as a Pod Facilitating Pastor (PFP) is, pretty much, covered here.

You will facilitate Pod Gatherings.

Pod Gatherings happen at an appointed day and time usually at the home of:

  • (1) the Pod Facilitating Pastor (but not necessarily),
    (2) a member of the Pod, or
    (3) a room available for little or no charge (say a private room in a restaurant if those attending have a meal).

    Homes are fine (It is best if Pod Gatherings do not occur in an existing church facility).

    We often broadcast from the World Hub live to a Pod Gathering via the internet (a computer & internet connection is needed where the Gatherings occur [Contact us for details], unless the restaurant or hotel meeting room is a wireless computer "hot spot," it would not be suitable).

    The Pod Facilitating Pastor simply provides:

    the coordination,
    acts as host,
    sets out supplies sent from the World Hub or procured locally, by them, (i.e. bread, grape juice, and cups used in communion, bulletins, CD's etc.) and
    forwards any offerings to the World Hub.

    This person, in short, is a "point of contact" for those attending and a local face for Sojourner's Fellowship.

    You would, also:

    attend internet training and support gatherings for PFP's. These meetings are at established times on the internet and are 2-way in nature, allowing for the exchange of information and support from the World Hub and other PFP's. This brings into play integrated relationships with other PFP's.

    Initially these internet gatherings are with the new PFP's individually, with The Sojourner, Mrs. Sojourner or other trainer.

    Praise and Worship music will be addressed during training.

    This will give you a general idea of what we do. There are specifics which you will learn or ask about during training.

    The blessings of our Lord on you and all that is yours by blood, adoption, or assignment,

    The Sojourner
      mailto: The Sojourner


    How do I get the "Weekly Bulletins" for the gatherings?

    They are downloaded and printed off the internet by the PFP or someone delegated to do it by the PFP or the World Hub.

    What about supplies?

    Some supplies are provided by the World Hub via USPS (Snail mail), UPS, Internet, etc.

    Who pays for the supplies?

    If purchased locally, the cost is deducted from the "Offering Basket" or via reimbursement from the World Hub.

    More questions? Just ask!


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    Links we like:

    Kenneth Copeland Ministries

    Trinity Broadcasting

    "Hope For East Africa"


    "The Ramp"

    Mercy Ministries of America

    Paul Dietrich Music

    The Book Shelf

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    Financial Support

    Please note, all offerings go to the support of  Sojourner's Fellowship Church, The Sojourner and The Sojourner's Ministries unless other wise designated. Contact us for information on how to participate with us.



    Audrey Day Marino

    Chad Bogard

    Bessie "Kitten" Davies



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