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Spiritual Warfare


Spiritual Warfare, Part 1

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"Spiritual Warfare, Part 1"

A very dear person recently wrote me concerning certain difficulties they were experiencing with harassment form Satan.  It occurred to me this was not an isolated matter as many people often bring such issues to me.  I will, therefore, give an overview, beginning today, of often brought up questions regarding spiritual warfare.

It is very important every Believer have some grasp of spiritual warfare.  Let me first tell you all spiritual warfare is not with Satan!  There is also the matters of the flesh and the world as well as Satan to be dealt with in finding victory in this war.

It has been my experience, many people think Satan is always showing up in their lives.  Let me assure you this is probably not the case!  Oh, they may in deed be demonic forces or beings but Satan can only be one place at a time.  You see while God is everywhere Satan in not capable of being everywhere at once.  Satan, Lucifer, is a created being and is limited whereas God is that he is (I am that I am).  God is omnipresent! This is a major difference in them.  God is most powerful!


Many times people visualize spiritual warfare as a battle between God and Satan with people as unfortunate casualties who strayed onto the field of battle.  They see the battle as a weight scale tipping back and forth as one side has the upper hand and then the other.   There is no truth in this view!

A person may say, "It seems that way in my life!"  Well, yes that may be true but it is not in fact the whole war just your battle.  This series, I hope, will help to clarify the situation and give you some tools (weapons) with which you will be able to fight the fight of faith.

The fight of faith is not a fight of feelings but a fight of facts!!!

The first fact is God's people perish for lack of knowledge concerning spiritual warfare.

It is important to to see scripture not only as history, morals, and philosophy but as instruction through the Word, empowerment through the Blood of Christ and the power of Jesus name!  It is necessary to understand, "Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world."


We need to always focus on Christ!

The blessings of our Lord on you and all that is yours by blood, adoption, or assignment!

The Sojourner

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