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Three days of prayer.  (some will fast)

We will be seeking the Lord to

launch us into a new and dynamic place of calling.

We will be establishing new

and confidential,

prayer alliances to lift us up to the Lord.

We are expecting the Lord to move in a mighty way, again!

You can be a part!


For more information contact:





Three days of prayer seeking our Lord.


Launching a new phase in your life and calling!

You will build new relationships with fellow believers who will hold you up in prayer, in confidentiality, and in love.

Upon arrival you will be assigned a special prayer partner for the three days.

Prayer, what a powerful tool we have been given by our Lord, especially, where two or three are together and they agree!

There will be times of:

bulletGroup Prayer
bulletPartner Prayer
bulletSolitude Prayer
bulletPraise and Worship
bulletSharing Meals
bulletExchanging Thoughts
bulletVisit to Trinity Music City

Note: If you are fasting You will need to start your fast at 5:00 PM the day before you arrive!

For those who choose to fast there are stores to purchase juice less than .01 mile from our site.

Reserve your place

Three Days of Seeking
Sojourner's Fellowship
PO Box 955
Manchester, TN 37349

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Seminars for 2012 are currently being planned.

If you would like to do a "My Door Conference" contact us!

Three Days of Seeking ... those who attended rated them as life changing!

3 Day's Page    mailto:thesojourner@sojournershub.org




Links we like:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Trinity Broadcasting

"Hope For East Africa"


"The Ramp"

Mercy Ministries of America

Paul Dietrich Music

The Book Shelf

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Financial Support

Please note, all offerings go to the support of  Sojourner's Fellowship Church, The Sojourner and The Sojourner's Ministries unless other wise designated. Contact us for information on how to participate with us.



Audrey Day Marino

Chad Bogard

Bessie "Kitten" Davies



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