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India 2007

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Gospel On Wheels... July & August 2007

Below you will find a journal of harvesting by the team in India.



The project grew out of a need to obey Luke 14:24, "And the Master said to the servant go to the highway and along the hedges and compel them to come in that my house may be filled."

GOSPEL ON WHEELS offered the opportunity to ride in a pack safely with these purposes:

1.      Evangelism Primarily: Sharing the Gospel among the unreached, Visiting Church Planters, and Fellowshipping with ministries on the planned driving routes.

2.      Running for the Son: “Master’s last Words, our first Concern” Go, ye into all the world and make disciples.

3.      Equipping: Equipping Type 1 (Grass Root), Type 2 (Pastors/Evangelists/Laymen’s) to be active people to mobilize local Churches for evangelism.

4.      A servant's Attitude: Leaving the soft cushion to be with them in forefront, living in their culture and struggles (I.e., Here we are, if you need us).

5.      Quality Products: Using products that aid in evangelistic outreach; culturally effective talk, food, language and living among the people.


Senior Pastor,wife, 2 children, Sister A., Pastor 2, and Pastor 3.

Dates: 14th July to 15th August 2007


1. Plan/Schedule:

Planning began in May 2007; making calls, mailing, route planning, distances, knowing the need, people, culture but not forgotten to pray.

2. Team:

Getting the team ready for the great event was exciting. This was going to be a bigger challenge that is being attempted from the past ones.

3. Transportation

The Maruti 800cc motorcar the 17yrs old went for a better checkup at the garage. It needed much attention since it was going for a big mileage. At the garage the mechanic wondered how was running the car, because one side the engine had no support. Due to battery water leakage, it had rusted and the major support had fallen apart. (In India everything can be repaired, the engine support was given. Secondly, car-tyre rims were in bad shape, so I requested the garage owner for directions to get new rims. The owner was moved in his spirit said, “Pastor, how you can ask me this question, when I want to give you 5 new rims from my garage free of cost”. (This owner is not a Christian but a strong Hindu BUT God worked in his heart for a miracle for us). Much to be thanked for to what God did thru this incidence.  Mighty miracle happened miles and miles away in the other part of the world, when a sister was willing to obey the Lord to provide a best vehicle for the ministry. Yes! A brand new, top version, business class was given for Gospel on Wheels trip. We give the entire honor and glory to Him. Gospel on Wheels hits the road on 14th of July 2007, starting from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. This brief given report is only to encourage praying people and to testify the goodness, faithfulness of Lord Jesus Christ in Missions.

14th July 2007 NEEMUCH, Madhya Pradesh: An evening gospel meeting was arranged by all the evangelical and Pentecostal Churches to witness the gospel in the area. A wonderful time of praise, worship and sharing of God’s Word brought 4 people to the Kingdom. A group of 130 people was gathered, including Pastors and believers.

15th July 2007 Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh: Sunday Service at Beersheba Church. Worship, singing and sharing of the Word led many to repentance and re-uniting with the Lord Jesus Christ. Beautiful people from different cultures, people groups had gathered to worship. After the meeting on the way to Pastor’s house, a poor lady with her child who had joined the meeting was dropped home. On the way she gave her testimony, how things were and how they made their living. Both husband and wife worked on the construction site as laborers. They hardly could earn much to support their family. She was the only member from the family who had accepted the Lord. She was facing many problems from her husband regarding her faith in Christ. She had to run back home every week to skip problem she received from her husband. Praise God, giving her a lift and making her reach home early that day, skipped many problems of the day.

15th July 2007 Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh: An evening meeting was arranged at Ratlam but we reached late due to bad roads. Ministry to 29 orphans children (age 5 to 13 yrs.) These children with staff listened so patiently, especially when we were sharing about Holy Spirit that He is always with us, and wants to live with us. These children being crushed in their spirits, they found the comfort in the Lord, and few children earnestly prayed for Holy Spirit to guide and live in them. One among them one cried with tears to receive Him in his life. After spending time with children, spending time with the staff at the dinner table was wonderful. We sat with God’s Word till late mid night 1.30 a.m.

(Ministry is not about convenience but inconvenience): In the whole trip the worst bad roads hit by us was from Neemuch to Ratlam and then to Ujjain 335 km real washed away roads due to heavy rains and floods. The maximum speed was 10 to 15 km/hr. This new car had its best road tests not even the company might not have tested. We saw many vehicles broken down due to these roads, but Praise God we made thru.

16th July Nasik, Maharastra: Due to bad roads we were not able to reach the 6 p.m. meeting at Nasik. Instead of reaching at 6 p.m., we reached mid night 12:15 a.m. Yet there were 8 mission leaders who were praying for our safe arrival.

“I will never leave thee nor forsake thee” After crossing city Dhule of Maharastra, suddenly in the middle of the night, two men pulled us on their bike. They asked us to come out and to show the car papers. Holy Spirit showed us some thing

wrong about these men. We decided not to get out of the car. We locked the car from inside, and thru the window asked them to show their identity. They said, ‘we are police’. We still we sat inside the car, when they saw us that we were asking their identities, they asked us to GO. After our arrival at our destination we shared this story with Pastors, they were amazed and said, ‘It is a communist terrorist area and surprisingly they asked you to go, Amazing!’ We praise God for His safety and

His wisdom in that very hour. After a good meal, we sat together with Pastors. A notable time, 12:30 am to 5:30 am, Lord we are here! Whole night we spent praise/worship and around His Word, His visitation empowered us. After taking a 3.5-hrs rest we were on the road for Pune.

18th July 2007 Pune, Maharastra: The Kingdom Destiny Church had arranged a gospel cum revival meeting on the outer north part of Pune. Mighty outpouring of His power and strength, The Holy Spirit touched many sick and unsaved people. Among the 65, 2 people gave their lives to the Lord. Though the meeting finished, still people were sitting under the heavy anointing.

19th July 2007 Pune, Maharastra: Morning was spent with Pune city Pastors, knowing their struggles, style of ministering, and other information’s. After knowing about Pastor P. S. who was recently beaten up badly, we felt in our heart to spend time with him. But everyone advised us not to visit that place being situation not yet settled. We had nearly given up the plan. We spent time prayer and intercession for Pune. We had to meet Brother S. at Phimpri, while driving thru suddenly we saw Pastor P. S.’s Church. Holy Spirit in busy traffic took our eyes straight to His Church information board, we stopped at His church, but the church people did not give us any access to see pastor, due the existing situations. Still we left our phone nos. for pastors.

“His working overrides our understanding” Reason why we were in that area was because of a diving appointment that happened in our last visit in Pune. At mid night while we were sharing the gospel with auto drivers, a young boy of 22yrs passed thru us, with tears in his eyes said to us, “Ask this Jesus to help me today” and started walking away. We stopped him and asked him his problem. He said, “He had run away from his house to commit suicide”. Reasons were, he had lost his beauty, his face had turned dark black, and he had lost his 12 grade exams. We took him to our hotel and spend time with Him. Though he was a believer, but had lost all his hope. Then we took his house number and called his parents. On the other end, every one was crying and praying for this man. We told them, not to worry, God has given your child into safe hands, and we are bringing him back to you. At midnight 2:30 am we drove in a taxi for an hour to reach his home and gave this young man to them. To our surprise, nearly 30-40 people had gathered, and we had a wonderful time of witness, and time of rejoicing with the family.

While we were again in Pune, we wanted to see this family. “God will make a way, where there seems to be no way”. Since last time we had come at mid night, we had no clue of S.’s house. We neither had any address nor had made any contact regarding our coming. By faith we went, after reaching to his nearest location. We asked about S. everyone said, which S.? Well, we were in nowhere to guess our way. After making little efforts at last somebody gave us some identification. Here we were at his house, and everybody was surprised to receive us. Soon about 50 to 60 people came together. The Lord visited us in an amazing way.

20th July 2007, Pune, Maharastra: “PHONE RINGS” About 10 am in the morning while we were preparing to move to next city, call came from Pastor Peter S. requesting to pay visit. We spent some good hours encouraging, upholding this brother in prayer. This breakthrough opened more opportunities for future missions. Praise God

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21st July 2007 "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect weakness." It was 17 hours drive from Pune to Kurnool. Never before, I had driven for so long.

22nd July2007, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh: “A different Picture” Sunday Service: The church was truly prepared to give us a hearty welcome. Children dressed in their customary dresses beautifully decorated themselves. Every neighbor, known and unknown person was invited to that service. The church had no place to sit, even on a bright hot day, people sat outside too to listen to God’s Word, around 210 people were present. Indeed, visiting this Church was an amazing experience. Believers were from the weaker section of the society, even their Church was constructed with wood and thatch (Grass), yet their hearts loved the Lord so very much. Much love and appreciation from everyone delighted our hearts.

22nd July 2007, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh: Zion Church along with other churches had organized a gospel meeting in the evening. The meetings happened in the heart of Muslim community area; many of them had the opportunity to listen to the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. Students, Pastors, evangelists and others had come together, around 220 people were gathered.

23rd July 2007, Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh: Two different churches came together purely telgue speaking people, very simple but thirsty for God. Soon after the meeting we met 9 orphan children. Sharing time, our eatables with them, brought warmth of Christian love. Our hands around then blessed and gave them much confidence to trust Christ.

24th July 2007, Bellary, Andhra Pradesh: The most beautiful run into the interior villages was great fun. Deep into the country, suddenly around 250 believers had come together for fellowship from near by villages. They sang beautiful, meaningful songs in telgue. When we began the meeting it was a bright sunny day, by the end of the meeting the sky turned into black cloudy night. Many repented, and many recommitted their lives to follow Christ faithfully. By the time the meeting ended, God poured blessed heavy rains for which the people and the farmers had been waiting for long.

“What is our response?” The roof of the Church was a steel sheet, big droplets sounded loud drums, at the same time Holy Spirit filled everyone in response.

26th July 2007, Daggupadu, Andhra Pradesh: To reach Daggupadu we had to take those roads which were three weeks back under flood waters. While driving we could see the devastation done by huge floods. We had to cross-country from west to east to coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. To reach Daggupadu in time was a challenge.

26th to 28th July 2007, Daggupadu, Andhra Pradesh: The evening’s open-air meetings were arranged by Lutheran Churches. In the first two meetings we could see not much happening. We sought the Lord much to those situations, because we felt that we are plowing hard grounds.

On the 28th night, the meeting started at 8 p.m. and had to finish by 10 p.m. From the beginning of the

meeting, in singing we saw God is going to do a mighty work. Holy Spirit came in a mighty way, fire from heaven came, people were loosed of their spirits, being touched as never being touched, and speaking in tongues, dancing, jumping, leaping with joy came, The Mighty One was at work. Both pastor & his wife were wondered what is going on.

Many with physical ailments got healed. Seeing this happen, pastor’s wife too rose up to receive here heeling. The meeting got finished by 1.30 a.m. mid-night. People did still not want to go home. That night became a remarkable light in the life of the 120 years old Lutheran Church. The imitative work began as my parents came back to worship with them after 30 years. The cold hearts became passionate for his glory.

29th July 2007, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh: Special Note: 29th being Sunday we had to reach Chirala by 11 am for service. When we had packed our gear, the car did not start. We wondered what’s wrong! We figured that car was not responding to remote system or keyless entry. Being in deep countryside, we had no help to ask for. We called up the car dealer at Rajasthan seeking help. Being Sunday not much could be expected; still we spoke to the breakdown department. Soon they connected us to Andhra Pradesh breakdown department. Soon they asked us our location, and further the call was passed on to the nearest dealer, which was 170 km away. Fortunately, we received a call from that center too. The answer was “break-down team will reach you soon, may be by 4 hours

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time”. This was a time of testing. Being Sunday we thought they will never turn-up, but here were they by 4 pm evening. They had the right instruments with them, they soon figured the problem, and car was running. Someone tried to fiddle with the car last night, and the engine had gone into immobilized state.

After we had fixed the problem we hit the road to reach the evening crusade. Much the people had arranged to receive us. Ministry of the Word brought faith into action. A paralyzed man made stood up to receive his healing.

30th July 2007, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh: An open-air street meeting was arranged. People flooded from all corners to hear God’s word. Nearly 350 gathered in dark night on the street. Massive sound system, great singing and ministry of the Word led people to accept Christ in their lives. Cloths and blankets were distributed to the widows and poor.

Though we had to travel next day, we felt in our hearts to stay on to have another meeting in another part of the town. An unplanned meeting, but the Holy Spirit was at work. Soon Pastors over night arranged a street meeting in a village.

31st July 2007, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh: The street meeting arranged overnight, right from the begging Holy Ghost started ministering. The spirit filled singing, brought the anointing, people started dancing, jumping, and speaking in tongues. Ministry of the Word conformed, why He wanted us to stay on. The village where the meeting was arranged, there was no Church, fellowship through this meeting many pastors adopted that area for evangelism.

1st August 2007, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh: An advocate by profession had arranged an opportunity to meet city pastors followed by an open meeting in the

city. People from different Churches had come together to fellowship. 20 young men who had come had recently come to know the Lord. 5 new people gave their lives to Christ. Many among them recommitted to walk in Kingdom mentality.

2nd August 2007, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh:

A city known for biggest ship yard and ship making, attracting tourist for its wonderful sea beaches, and above all city filled with people who know the Lord. Was an amazing time to see good number of churches, at every corner of the street there was a church, people given to prayer, evangelism, a city much involved in missions. After long time I was glad to meet my old friend Pastor R.S..

210 youth from different Churches had gathered to fellowship in the evening session. Many youth involved in gospel music, evangelism, event organizing, leading worship in fellowships, social work, a challenge from God’s Word was received by them all, and Holy Spirit ministered personally to evaluate they way the worked. Many youths gave their lives to Christ & received an in filling of the Holy Spirit.

3rd August 2007, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh: After driving for an hour and a half through thick mountain forest, away from city & much different from other places. While we drove through, we saw people half naked, even the women. We wondered why, but then after reaching the pastor’s place we came to know that we are in the tribal people’s zone.

Poor, simple, not much educated, culturally very different, no writing script for their language, much different from places we had gone so far. The gospel had touched many tribal people;

even at the meeting many women who had turned up were half-naked. Pastor K. too came to know Lord Jesus Christ from these tribal. He was educated, had been to theological college, spoke good English, and translated for us. Rather taking up a better people group came back after his good studies to reach his community for Christ.

“God loves a cheerful giver” These poor tribal people brought as per their ability to offer gifts from their earnings; some hand full of rice, some one or two coconuts, some brought eggs, bananas etc. This region was the most touching to our hearts. While we drove thru that region, we saw someone lying by the roadside as though dead. We had already crossed the corpse but suddenly we stopped and reversed. A lady, half-naked totally hurt and wounded was lying there. She suddenly she rose up having a big stone in her hands as she heard our car reverse sound. We saw her wounds; she had cut her hairs by striking two stones, spoke very little, we asked her not to sleep on the road, some vehicle would run over her. We offered her some good money, but she refused to receive any. Instead said, “I need only one rupee not that much”. We saw her honest!

At Pastors house, we were offered food. While eating suddenly both my wife and me found white worm cooked with rice in our plates. I found three in my rice and two in my wife’s. Now we could not say no to their food. I said to my wife, “We have prayed for the food, let’s eat it.” We removed the worms which we could spot, rest by faith we took in their honored food. Later when at the meeting saw these poor tribal people brining rice from their house, could realize their involvement & sacrifice to feed us. Praise God, we had the food with out vomiting.

Continued in column 1
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4th August 2007, Vijanagram, Andhra Pradesh: An evening meeting with the entire city pastors coming together was a wonderful experience. Nearly 45 Pastors attended the meetings. Speaking on the Kingdom Perspective and mentality, everyone was encouraged. Many women and children were part of the meeting. An open street was taken up to conduct the meeting. A loud speaker was installed on a tree; the sound waves reached long distances as we preached. Nearly 120 people gathered for the meeting.

5th August 2007 Jagadalpur, Chattisgarh: From Vijayanagram to Jagadalpur was one of our best roads; natural beauty of God's creation we could see. Driving through beautiful lust green valleys, riverbeds and mountain curved roads. What we feared about floods, were not before us. River water rising and we wanted to reach our safe destination in time. Been traveling since morning, was getting dark by the time we reached Jaypore in Chattisgarg. Two places, trees were uprooted and fallen on roads blocking traffic. By God's grace we cleared our way to continue our journey. Though it was hot summers, this was the

route we felt the cold weather. Since it was getting little dark, we stooped over night at Jaypore hotel. Next morning, in daylight we could see the devastation done by rains and floods. We were not in Orissa State. After reaching Jagadalpur, we saw much of the city under water. Roads being washed away. We were not prepared to face such conditions, since we had already seen water around the city. We had the evening time with Pastors and believers in a small mud hut Church. God's blessings were poured out, many young men committed their lives to serve the Lord. Nearly 55 people had gathered. The Pastor who had arranged the meeting was stuck in a flood situation and was stranded overnight in the fields, mobile battery too got finished, so no one was able to get in touch with him. Early morning he managed to come and see us at the hotel.

6th August Bhilai, Chattisgarh: Next morning while we were about to leave towards Bhilai, we got the news that a bridge is having river water run over it and it is not possible to use the road. By afternoon we got a clearance that traffic is now running and we 

got our journey towards Bhilai. While driving thru, we saw on both sides all water, miles and miles of water into the fields. When about to enter city Bhilai, two major rivers were flowing over the bridge, and all the traffic was stopped. Much traffic was routed other way around, so we too followed the same track. It was amazing how big bused made their way in small passages to reach Bhilai. Praise God we were able to enter into the city through small villages and unknown roads.

The evening was spent at a believer's house having neighbors invited for a get together. That night, a lady who grew up in a Christian family gave her life to Christ for the first time.

Later, having seen the situation, we cancelled our further trip to north, since these places were already in water (Varanasi, Mau etc)

We praise God for His protection at the same time to lead us in making the right decision. Later we heard many stories of cities completely under water. This brief report friend is to update and thank everyone for interceding for us. Do continue to Pray for us.

Pastor Peter

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