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All Sojourner's Fellowship's are made up of Pods (groups) having 5 to 15 people/households, every Pod is separate but interconnected to the others. You may attend as a guest or you may become an e-member



You can be an e-member
email to register:


The Pods meet using Skype an internet VOIP service. While video is available with Skype some are using voice only due to their bandwidth limitations and some use video if they have a broadband connection.

  1. We have a "Net Pod" which meets on Saturday's at 6:30 PM (CST or CDT USA). The Pod meets until about 8:00 PM. (Pod is both on site and on Skype)

  2. We have a "Net Pod" which meets on Wednesday's at 6:30 PM (CST or CDT USA). The Pod meets until about 8:00 PM. 

If you would like to participate in a Pod at another day and time, anywhere around the world, just tell us!

Be an e-guest
email to attend as an:




E-member FAQ's



You can be an e-member.
email to join:


You can be an e-guest.
email to attend as an:


Sojourner's Fellowships are your neighborhood church no matter where you live!

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IQ. What is it?

A. e-membership has been created for the purpose of giving those who listen to Sojourner's Fellowship over the Internet an opportunity to become "connected" to our fellowship.

Q. Why do we need it?

A. We now have homes attending to our services live over the Internet each weekend. Even more are listening on demand from our archive of the service during the week. Many of these viewers are committed to Sojourner's Fellowship. They listen faithfully, sow into Sojourner's Fellowship, and some even consider Sojourner's Fellowship their "home" church. We've had requests from our internet congregation for a way in which they can become more connected.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming an e-member?

A. As an e-member, you will have the covering of God that is on this fellowship in your life. Our Pastoral Staff will cover you in prayer just as they do our local congregation. Whether you have a prayer request or a praise report we want to hear about it!

Q. How do I become an e-member?

A. Simply e-mail us from the appropriate link on the
"Net Pod" page to be an e-member. We will contact you with a form to fill out to let us know about you as an e-member.

Q. Can I be both a local member and an e-member?

A. If you are homebound and cannot attend the local Sojourner's Fellowship Pod in person, then yes, you can be both. Any local member of a local Sojourner's Fellowship Pod may participate in our services if they are traveling or are unable to attend for some reason. Otherwise, you will either be an e-member or an in-person attending member.

Q. How is e-membership different from regular membership?

A. There are some things that our Pastoral staff can do for our local Sojourner's Fellowship Pod members that we can't do for e-members, simply because of distance. For example: weddings, hospital visits and funerals. However, with e-membership just as regular membership, the same anointing in our fellowship is covering you.

Q. Is there a financial commitment?

A. There are no financial commitments or pledges associated with e-membership other than what the Holy Spirit prompts and teaches from scripture.

For questions, call 1-800-391-6944 (US only) or Skype: thesojourner3734 (world wide)..


We need to always focus on Christ!

The blessing of our Lord on you and all that is yours by blood, adoption or assignment!

  R. E. Fuller
   Pastor, Sojourner's Fellowship








Be an e-member
email to register:


Links we like:

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"Hope For East Africa"


"The Ramp"

Mercy Ministries of America

Paul Dietrich Music

The Book Shelf

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Financial Support

Please note, all offerings go to the support of  Sojourner's Fellowship Church, The Sojourner and The Sojourner's Ministries unless other wise designated. Contact us for information on how to participate with us.



Audrey Day Marino

Chad Bogard

Bessie "Kitten" Davies



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