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From time to time The Sojourner receives incite into events, some he chooses to post for all who wish to know them.

Some choose to call this "prophesy," others "words of knowledge."  They are presented here for your testing of their validity.


The "word" below is from 2004 not 2008.


November 4, 2004

"Concerning the Future"

We have seen, as the results of the Presidential and General Election of 2004 have been revealed, that the voices of those who follow Jesus the Christ have had an impact on our nation. This impact has helped to ensure the continued underlying principles which motivated many of the founders in insuring the truths they said were, "self-evident."

We cannot, now, rest leaving it all to "George." I tell you, the opposition will not rest but will re-double their resolve and efforts. We will see great obstruction in Congress regarding the nomination of Supreme Court Justices. We will see continued pressure for:

   *Abortion (infanticide)

   *Homosexual marriage   (perversion)

   *Capitulation to the World System (Giving up sovereignty to the United Nations)

   *Developing a one world monetary/cashless society system (antichrist control)

   *Developing a monitoring system of every person. (peace and safety)

   *The marginalization of religious beliefs particularly Christian Beliefs (any god but God)

*Abolishing of the Bible from public life (political correctness)

*Freedom from religion substituted for freedom of religion (man as god)

*Teaching of false doctrines in public schools (define the New Age as the standard)

 *Many other areas

It can be seen, if only one of these issues were being championed by the opposition, that it would be worthy of our concerted attention and efforts. The attacks will not stop!

We who love our Lord Jesus Christ must be vigilant. We must remember, "we wrestle not with flesh and blood" in this encounter. Oh, to be sure, we wrestle with those who have fallen into the snare of the enemy via his deception. The deceived, however, are not the enemy! We must have compassion for these deceived ones by sharing the Gospel with as many as possible. Sharing the Gospel is our main charge from the Lord Jesus Christ. This offensive of spreading the Gospel will continue to devastate the enemy while bringing freedom to those trapped in his snare.

We must not, to be certain, shy or shrink from the encounter in the body politic. We must never shed the necessity of remaining a nation founded by the principles of Holy Scripture in the Bible. We must remain true to these principles of scripture as embodied in our revered documents from the Mayflower Compact to the Declaration of Independence and beyond.


We need to always focus on Christ!

The blessings of our Lord on you and all that is yours by blood, adoption, or assignment.

The Sojourner

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